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Kamis, 20 Juni 2013



I think, for the next few posts, I'll put up some random stuff from my writing journals.  I carry a notebook around with me and write down ideas and stuff when they come to me.  Some of it makes it into poems, stories or articles but a lot of it never gets out of the notebook.  I have hundreds of little snippets littering my journals like a cutting room floor.  I have fun looking back over some of the things that crossed my mind, and maybe you will too.  Here's a poem:


Am I a song?
     Chorus and verse connected
     Memory interjected

Am I a riddle?
     A misunderstanding
     An answer demanding

Am I a poem?
     Moving in rhythm
     Intimacy given

Am I prose?
     A noun, adjective, verb
     The common man's word

Am I a speech?
     Politics, promises, first impressions
     Carefully guarded intentions

Am I a lesson?
     Knowledge to impart
     Academic heart

Am I a lecture?
     Reprimand for mistakes
     Advice I didn't take

Am I an advertisement
     A pretty package
     A billboard in traffic

Am I a ballad?
     A recurrent refrain
     An oft spoken name

Am I a eulogy?
     A life celebrated
     Goodness exaggerated

Am I an article?
     A source of expertise
     Informative and brief

Am I a story?
     Innocent and mild
     Comforting a child

Am I a novel?
     A predetermined plot
     Complete with epilogue

Am I a diary?
     Casually introspective
     Privately self-reflective

Am I a sonnet?
     A sigh of delight
     A murmur of night

Am I an announcement?
     A rooftop confession
     A public obsession

Am I a cliche?
     Lost originality
     Trite commonality

Am I a definition?
     A resolved concept
     Creatively inept

Am I a sermon?
     A basic truth
     Belief without proof

I am speaking
     Optimism and rage
     Words on a page

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