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Kamis, 20 Juni 2013

More from the floor

More From the Floor

Snippets from my writing journal, Part II- Brief Bursts of Philosophy:

-I wouldn't want to have a disease named after me.  I feel bad for the posterity of Lou Gehrig.  Any time they tell someone their last name, they'll go, "Like the disease?"

-Here comes a new moon, fittingly starting off the month with an  inky, suffocating blackness.  The lack of light is a stark reminder of my dismal prospects at contentment.

-Nothing shook my faith so much as the mythology class I took where I learned all about the other fanatics who are sure they're right.  I'm half convinced that I too am a fanatic but if it makes me happy, then what's the harm?  Having absolute truth is overrated and, in my world, takes a back seat to happiness.

-Clearly the only person who cares about me is me since I'm the only one who listens when I'm talking.

-If I watch any more Court TV they'll have to give me a law degree... and a prescription for Prozac.

-"I'm often accused of going off on tangents but it's very important to stay patiently with a thought or you will lose precious insights in an effort to move on to the next thing."  This was a quote from one of my favorite professors.

-The question keeps coming to me: How can I reach out to others?  Sure, I want to help, but I'm not 100% altruistic.  I want to feel a connection to things, to people, to the world.

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